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DEC 18th, 2021

(3 Miles)

JAN 15th, 2022

(3 Miles)

FEB 12th, 2022

(6 Miles)

MAR 12th, 2022

(6 Miles)

Alvarez, Jessie
21:52 (ave 7:16's)22:46 (ave 7:34's)48:03 (ave 8:00's)52:18 (ave 8:43's)
Buckovic, ScottSan Jose*21.51 (ave 7:17's)
21:29 (ave 7:10's)44:26 (ave 7:24's)45:37 (ave 7:36's)
Caldera, ValLos Angeles25:12 (ave 8:24's)23:21 (ave 7:47's)47:12 (ave 7:52's)
48:00 (ave 8:00's)
Camp, Arnie

Channel Islands

19:48 (ave 6:36's)19:25 (ave 6:27's)41:47 (ave 6:56's)42:12 (ave 7:02's)
Duhra, RajvirChicoNEWNEW23:00 (3m ave 7:40's)48:24 (ave 8:04's)
Fiala, Daniel
25:06 (ave 8:22's)24:45 (ave 8:15's)50:42 (ave 8:27's)49:18 (ave 8:13's)
Fierro, RonnieLong Beach24:00 (ave 8:00's)23:05 (ave 7:42's)45:28 (ave 7:34's)43:33 (ave 7:16's)
Fortuno, MichaelMaritime22:27 (ave 7:27's)SICK42:42 (ave 7:07's)41:05 (ave 6:51's)
Mendez, AngieLos Angeles-23:39 (ave 7:53's)
47:13 (ave 7:52's)49:01 (ave 8:08's)
Granados, IsmaelNorthridgeNEWNEWNEW51:45 (ave 8:36's)
Guttierez, JohnSan Bernardino--
Marshall, Paul
San Jose18:01 (ave 6:00's)18:33 (ave 6:10's)38:18 (ave 6:23's)38:41 (ave 6:27's)
McClain, Paul
San Diego25:21 (ave 8:27's)24:12 (ave 8:04's)48:00 (ave 8:00's)47:18 (ave 7:53's)
Munoz, DaniSan JoseNEWNEWNEW25:24 (ave 8:28's)
Nuriddin, ImaadBakersfieldNEWNEW23:51 (3m ave 7:57's)22:27 (3m ave 7:29's)
Ortiz, GabeChannel Islands
26:40 (ave 8:54's)25:14 (ave 8:24's)55:08 (ave 9:11's)53:42 (ave 8:57's)
Plasencia, JoseSan Bernardino23:16 (ave 7:44's)23:21 (ave 7:46's)44:34 (ave 7:23's)43:36 (ave 7:16's)
Reyes, Freddy
Bakersfield20:29 (ave 6:49’s)21:45 (ave 7:14's)45:00 (ave 7:30's)19:54 (3m ave 6:38's)
Roberts, ErikaSan BernardinoINJ28:53 (ave 9:37's)27:46 (3m ave 9:14's)ALT
Robertson, TaylorSan MarcosNEWNEW26:58 (3m ave 8:56's)25:24 (3m ave 8:28's)
Rodriguez, VictorSan BernardinoNEWNEWNEW47:06 (ave 7:51's)
Toyotome, TrishaSan BernardinoMILITARY LEAVEMILITARY LEAVE26:55 (3m ave 8:58's)48:42 (ave 8:07's)
Ude, James
SLO*INJ32:48 (ave 10:54's)31:15 (3m ave 10:25's)30:39 (3m ave 10:13's)
Warner, JoeLong Beach*INJINJ25:12 (3m ave 8:24's)**51:51 (ave 8:36's)
Wilcox, DanielSan Diego*23:04 (ave 7:40's)23:24 (ave 7:48's)INJINJ


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B2V 2022 TEAM Time-Trial Due Dates:

December 18th, 2021  —  3 Mile

January 15th, 2022  —  3 Mile

February 12th, 2022  —  6 Mile

March 12th, 2022  —  6 Mile

1.) Find a FLAT route;  2.) Run the distance*;  3.) Submit your time.

*If possible, sign up for a 5K Race (December and January) and/or a 10K Race (January and February).  Each TT should be treated like a race, even if you're not wearing a bib number.  Properly warm-up and cool-down and make sure to START SMART.

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Interested in joining the csu team?  Contact:    arnie.camp@csuci.edu